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______Days are full and as much as I try to keep order, I find less time to write about it. The seasons change and sounds of the birds in early morning make me long to show through my work how this makes me feel. I hope that my design work will bring some of that to the fore. Someone said, "Do what you know, do what you love".
I only wish.
There are many ways to put nature in the work we all do. That is my guiding inspiration and a way to leave a part of myself in this beautiful world.______

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ships and sails and flowers....

Discovered Ann Wood this week and her gift to everyone of a tutorial on making one of her ships. They are quite spectacular and I am in awe of every single one. Someday I will have one. In the meantime it has given me an idea about my back porch in Colorado where I usually hang a huge basket of lobelia or petunias for the summer. I'm not there this year and looking at the translucency of her ships and sails I thought that for the two weeks that I am out there I will hang a sail. I have actually started working on one. My fabric swatches will have a wonderful use and if it doesn't look great I can make a strip of frayed banners instead. There will be no hanging baskets available in'll almost be fall there!
This is how it usually looks. I think lovely banners or a sail type piece of fabric will do, and maybe inspire!

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