Stay obsessed by what you love...........

______Days are full and as much as I try to keep order, I find less time to write about it. The seasons change and sounds of the birds in early morning make me long to show through my work how this makes me feel. I hope that my design work will bring some of that to the fore. Someone said, "Do what you know, do what you love".
I only wish.
There are many ways to put nature in the work we all do. That is my guiding inspiration and a way to leave a part of myself in this beautiful world.______

Sunday, March 02, 2008

My favorite new thing from my favorite store....this hat..GO International....Jovovich-Hawk
everything looks and feels great! This hat is perfect. I suggest .."get it now"!

Kind of interesting how life changes. I have this urge to move permanently somewhere small and quiet, such as my adopted Ridgway Colorado, or to New York City. There is a special energy in both places and I have experienced both.  Love both, in fact. Difficult choices since it's kind of late in my life. I think of my mother, she was so brave in the face of my dad's fatal and devastating battle with cancer. She packed us all up and moved to Miami Beach, where some of us thrived and some of us withered a little but ultimately found our own voices.
On another note.....
I discovered something this week that I'm sure has been around forever. In fact, speaking of my mother here, I vaguely remember her using a product like this but I don't believe it was readily available in the 50's or 60's. Anyway, It is tomato paste in a tube. It may sound unimportant but if you love a good rich Italian taste for your sauces, you need tomato paste and,  if, you are cooking a quick meal for two or three, you need it even more. A little saute' of olive oil,onion, garlic and tomato paste mixed in with angel hair is one of the fastest meals you can make. ....and one of the best, with whatever other additives you desire.
For that quick meal.....there are new plates at Target that are gorgeous and plastic(if you can believe that!  I've never used plastic plates at home before.) Deep brown with gold aspen type leaves...heavenly....go check them out! Unfortunately they are not in the catalogue, possibly because they are just bowls and salad plates....but they are beautiful for casual snacks.