Stay obsessed by what you love...........

______Days are full and as much as I try to keep order, I find less time to write about it. The seasons change and sounds of the birds in early morning make me long to show through my work how this makes me feel. I hope that my design work will bring some of that to the fore. Someone said, "Do what you know, do what you love".
I only wish.
There are many ways to put nature in the work we all do. That is my guiding inspiration and a way to leave a part of myself in this beautiful world.______

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Birthdays arrive....

Even when you wait, as only a 9 year old can, for her birthday, it does arrive. I've received the facebook photo of her loving my gift and an early in the day phone call, but I so wish I could give her a squeeze. The squeeze she is quickly outgrowing.
I was just lucky enough to spend a week with my two grandchildren in Colorado, hence the hat, but I still miss being there for special days.
Josie and Vivi, I'm so lucky.